Complete Home Renovation Kansas City

What is a complete home remodel?

A complete home renovation typically involves a full demo and upgrade to the entire inside of a home. That means a kitchen remodel, bathroom renovations, and even sometimes basement finishing is necessary to restore the interior of the home to a living condition. This is often something people like to do after acquiring a house that is run down and in need of a makeover, or when they feel the home they own is out of date and in need of serious upgrades, such as new appliances, lighting fixtures, windows, and more. In general, remodeling is a way to make the home more functional and more aesthetically pleasing.

Completely remodeling a home involves an entire home renovation job from top to bottom. Many remodeling projects can be done by the homeowner, but many projects should be left to our team of professional contractors hired by the homeowner. If you are looking at remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, an example of something that is usually best left to professional contractors would be adding fireplaces, plumbing, electrical, and building entryways for homes with structural issues. If you are an experienced contractor, be sure to adhere to zoning laws and inspection codes.

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Complete Home Renovation in Kansas City

How long does a complete home remodel take?

The process of remodeling an entire home from top to bottom will typically take anywhere from 9-16 weeks and involve the help of a general contractor who will coordinate with subcontractors on your behalf. That is what our team of experts at Kansas City Elite Basement Finishing is here to help navigate our customers through with ease. Home remodels can range from six weeks for simple projects, such as new paint and carpeting, to roughly four months for large-scale remodels that require demolition, removing walls, adding fireplaces, or even home theater installation. At the end of the day, a professional is expensive, but an amateur will cost a fortune! It can be daunting to tackle a remodel on your own, but you don’t have many options if time and budget are constraints. You’ll need a contractor that will coordinate with subcontractors for the job. That is what our team of experts is here to do. Not only is this more efficient than trying to do everything yourself, but it also ensures things like safety standards are met in order to avoid expensive mistakes down the line.

Complete home renovation demolition with fresh dry wall installation by Kansas City Elite Basement Finishing

Complete Home Renovation

Complete Home Renovation

Many people remodel their homes because they wish to update or upgrade a house that’s in need of remodeling. Perhaps you have a kitchen that lacks the counter space and storage that you require, or perhaps you’ve always dreamed of remodeling your bathroom with all new tile and fixtures but were intimidated by the cost. In these cases, a complete home remodel is a great way to completely renovate the space, give it a new layout and design, and reconstruct the inside of your home so that you knock out several of these remodeling projects at once.

Most remodeling projects are divided into several components that remodelers break down into smaller tasks that can be completed quickly. The first step is always demolition, which is the process of taking everything out of space to prepare for remodeling. This includes completely removing appliances, wall surfaces, cabinets, flooring, and anything else in the kitchen, rooms, or bathrooms. Once everything is out, demolition can begin. This process will involve removing any walls that are requested to be removed, and constructing new walls, if necessary.

Complete home renovation with new window installation by Kansas City Elite Basement Finishing

Complete home renovation with kitchen remodel by Kansas City Elite Basement Finishing

From Demolition to Renovation

This is the first part of remodeling an entire home, and once this process is done, remodeling can begin for the home renovation. Renovation generally entails new flooring for kitchens and bathrooms, painting walls on the inside of the home if necessary (possibly with a fresh coat of paint or wallpaper), installation of cabinets in kitchen remodels, or even finishing basements to add space for storage, bars, home theaters or living space for family gatherings. 

The remodeling of a house from top to bottom is no small task! As you can imagine, remodeling involves all kinds of different steps in the process that are crucial to ensuring deadlines are met and budgets are not exceeded.  No remodeling project is alike, so remodelers must consider factors like space, budget, and safety while remodeling each home.

What to consider when completely remodeling a home

The remodeling process depends on whether or not the house will need an addition to accommodate new rooms, particularly in cases of bathroom remodels where the additional room is needed for the renovation itself. This entirely depends on how much space is available under zoning laws and inspection codes. Luckily, our expert home remodelers have over 80 years of combined experience navigating the complete home renovation process. 

Kansas City Elite Basement Finishing provides homeowners with remodeling services to remodel entire homes from top to bottom. If you are remodeling your kitchen, bathroom, or any other rooms in your home, our renovation experts help design your desires around your remodeling goals and budget. Our representatives work with customers every step of the way to bring basic blueprint floor plan designs into beautiful, tangible results that customers will enjoy for the rest of their time living in the space.

Is a Complete Home Renovation worth it?

Benefits of a Complete Home Renovation

It is important to consider the quality of life you can achieve after a renovation. Sometimes we forget we are improving our home not only for us but also for those who come and go on a regular basis. Improvements like new countertops make it easier and more enjoyable for our guests to enjoy dinner with us in the kitchen. New cabinets fill the room with color and brighten up an interior space that’s often unexpressive on its own. Doors that glide smoothly as they open bring as much satisfaction as any change you’ll ever make in your kitchen or bath area, then there are all those other small things – new hardware, fresh paint – beauty where you used to feel that it was lacking. Home renovation is a way of making your house more comfortable and suits your needs. Repaired decks, new tile flooring, or even a new roof can all be included in a complete home remodel. Especially if the home is intended to host tenants who rent, this is a great way to increase the value, and even bring in more as a monthly renters fee every month.

If you don’t enjoy doing work yourself and things like painting or drywall installation are foreign territory, then contacting our expert team of general contractors at  Kansas City Elite Basement Finishing to do the work for you will certainly prevent overwhelming stress in the end. These kinds of jobs can be very labor-intensive and time-consuming.

There are many benefits to a complete home renovation. For example, you get to choose your new materials from the ground up and have more control over what goes into your home. Furthermore, it can be cheaper to do this than just doing upgrades or just adding on a room because there is less reconfiguring. And finally, because so much work goes into a total flip of a house, you can see dramatic savings by simply upgrading the appliances and lighting fixtures in the home to consume less energy.

When you remodel your kitchen, there are a number of benefits including but not limited to: longevity of appliances, space efficiency, enhanced energy efficiency, and increased storage. You can also get a lot more done in less time with a full remodel because the project is carried out from start to finish without interruption. Tile work can be completed while cabinet refacing is going on and drywall installation is underway which means singular projects won’t turn into weeks of lost time from scheduling conflicts. You’ll also have all new appliances which will make your home more attractive for buyers when it’s time to sell. And if you get creative with design, you might be able to get rid of those eyesores you’ve always hated.

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